Wednesday, February 13, 2013

What about love?

What do you do when you are faced with a broken relationship whether marriage, friendship, or any that made you fond of another?  It may be rejection, a misunderstanding, lack of communication, or changes made such as a move of residence. In short, love can break a heart.

We tend to look for answers. We tend to question God. We tend to seek simpler times and ask, “What if …?” But nothing remains the same. Everything changes. Everyone changes. Change can be good so long as it builds up in the long run. Nature changes and adapts to the weather and seasons. A tree in spring looks differently than it does in autumn. Although the leaves dry out and fall, the tree does not die. It is getting ready for the next season of its life. It has deep-seated roots that allow it to remain tall and strong throughout all seasons.  

We are all enamored by love. Do we love the idea of love? Do we love the feelings / emotions associated with love? Do we love how love makes us happy? Do we love how it makes us grow and expand beyond ourselves and selfishness? Or do we hate feeling alone? Do we hate how culture frowns upon the ‘loner’? In short, are we running to or from something / someone because we want to or because we have to?

We are all enamored by love. Some seek it above and beyond anything else. Yet He is very close; just a chat away. We were created out of love; Ephesians 1:4-5. We were redeemed with love; Romans 5:6 and Ephesians 2:4-5. He gave His all because He loves us; John 3:16. Let’s not settle for a counterfeit version and give our love away so cheaply. Let us love for He loved us first; I John 4:19.

I wish for you a valentine who would never disappoint you; someone who will be there when you are in need; someone who would love your tears away; someone who loves you unconditionally. I wish you Jesus Christ. For love can mend a broken heart.