Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Self worth?

What is self worth?
How does one get self worth? Tangible or intangible sources?
Do all people have self worth?
Does it really matter to have self worth?
Does self worth or lack of it affect other areas of one's life?

What is one's identity?
How do we define ourselves? Tangible or intangible sources?
Is self worth related to one's identity?

I approached it with trepidation. You see, I do not want to state anything I do not believe as truth. It is a hard question to tackle. What is it? What is IT? Can we start with what it is not? It is not in jobs or careers for they can be lost or no longer interesting. It cannot be in money for money has a way of forsaking us. Cars? Property? They tend to get older and lose their novelty. Besides, the newer is better and bigger. Right? It is like a mirage. People? They tend to be fickle. Depending on someone who is unpredictable (and all of us are unpredictable; at least once in a while) is like leaning on an elastic surface. You would only get whiplash. SO it is not tangible. It must intangible, right?

Identity is who I am. What is my personality? What do I look like? Preferences? You get the picture. How I view, value, and treat myself is self worth. They are different, but interrelated. I have to know who I am to value myself correctly. Do we all have self worth? Sadly, no. We all ought to have self worth for each of us is a work of art (more on that below). It matters to have it. For when we value ourselves, we are qualified to value others. Thus, it makes it very important as well as affects every area of our lives for people are everywhere. And we have to deal with people daily, right?

Each one of us is unique. Each was made with a hole in self that cannot be filled with anything or anyone other than the author. He crafted this piece of art with unconditional love, grace, and kindness. He saw himself in the mirror and carved each person according to the image he saw in the mirror. He breathed into the person to give latter life. I heard of an auction where a violin was up for bid. It was worn out, dusty, broken in several places, and strings were abused. The auctioneer looked at it with disgust and started the bid at one dollar. Absolutely no one wanted to bid the dollar. In walked the violin maker. He kept walking until he reached the auctioneer, grabbed the violin, dusted it, fixed the strings, made some minor adjustments, held it up, and started playing. Everyone was captivated with the melodies. He stopped playing, handed it back to the auctioneer, and walked out. Everyone bid like crazy trying to own this mesmerizing musical instrument. It was too valuable for each of them. The moral of the story? In the hands of the maker, the created being can be fixed, restored, and play beautiful music.

I personally found self worth and identity in Jesus Christ. No, not religion. Relationship. 

And you, my friend, on what do you base your worth and identity?