Sunday, April 17, 2016

Journey Lessons

This is new to me. I started typing my dated journey lessons in January. Some of these may seem repetitive, yet important. Perhaps they can be a blessing to someone.

Jan 13, 2016 – 1) God has been teaching me this lesson for a while now. I am to question what spirit /attitude I am of. Then I am to question if I want to be known or associated with the source of this spirit / attitude. For example: selfishness, greed, egoistical, egotistical, prideful, resentful, unforgiving, lying, bitterness, hatred are some of the negative attitudes. These are of the devil. Do I want to be associated with the devil? If the answer is no; then I, as a child of God, have the authority to refute these. Compassion, love, hope, faith, patience, forgiveness, joy, peace, and perseverance are some of the positive attitudes. These are of God. Do I want to be associated with God? If yes, then I accept them and think on these. It is like renewing of the mind. It is like exercise of the mind. It takes discipline, endurance, and commitment. There will be failures, but the end result is what really matters. I believe Paul the apostle illustrated the simile. 2) It is quite a phenomenon how one releases all cares / holds in life when one is fighting for his / her life. Nothing else seems to matter. Money, houses, jobs, clothes, jewelry, even appearances are some of the things that lose value in the face of an illness. The question of purpose arises. It may propel one to fight for life or give up entirely.

Jan 14 - there is a link between thoughts (even passive ones), words, and life. If I get a passive thought and do not refute it actively, then it happens. If I say anything negative, it will take place. Same is true with positive words for words have power. Our thoughts and our words are alive. I have to be conscious of every thought and word all the time. Take every thought captive … Paul the apostle stated this.

Jan 15 - Jesus Christ is very profound, yet he requires simplicity. Since we are complicated beings, we tend to complicate matters. But that is not what God wants. He wants us to always go back to simplicity. It is like being childlike. The core of this simplicity is love. God is love. Everything else should be built on that.

Jan 16 - just believe is a lot harder than it looks. For everything that God asks of you, it will be tested. For everything you claim for yourself will be tested.

Jan 17 - you are what you believe; positive or negative.

Jan 18 - procrastination does not pay in the long run. Because you never know what life has in store for the following day. Better to get things done right away before it is too late.

Jan 19 - sometimes things must get worse before they get better. Sometimes an awful thing happens to shelter us from another terrible thing. The tougher the battle gets, know that relief is very close behind.

Jan 24 - life has a way of bringing back unresolved issues to the forefront. These must be dealt with before a person can move on. They can be swept under a rug. But guess what? They will be back at an importune time.

Jan 28 - declaring something will bring about change. This change may take a bit of time depending upon how long it would take for the root of the problem to be solved.

Jan 31 - if the Lord tells you to do something, he will provide. He will make life easier for you. Never doubt. Just believe.

Feb 01 - when a certain train of thought keeps haunting me, I find the opposite of this in the Bible or a promise that I can apply to myself. I would then declare it out loud until it becomes a reality for me. At first it sounds superficial, but with time it will sink in and raise my faith; because faith increases / comes through the word of God / Bible verses. One well known verse is no weapon formed against me shall prosper.

Feb 02 - God wants me just as I am. My best is never good enough. He wants me. He is able to make all things beautiful in me.

Feb 03 - journaling helps with de -stressing. Praising God helps with de- stressing. Reading the Bible helps as well. Praying, meditating, and walking. There are many.

Feb 04 - in life, you will make mistakes. You are only human. Learn from them.

Feb 05 - focus on Jesus. Not easy, takes discipline.

Feb 09 - focusing on Jesus changes everything, the entire course.

Feb 10 - stay focused on Jesus. Routine kills the spark in a relationship.

Feb 12 - sometimes in life, you have to take a risk; preferably a calculated risk.

Feb 14 - I want to live each day as if it were the last. Different perspective? A risk?

Feb 20 - healing accompanies the presence of the Lord; even if no one prays for healing.

Feb 21 - fear should be eliminated in one's life. God will make sure that one faces his or her own fears.

Feb 25 - fear is an enemy. Once a fear is recognized, take steps to eliminate it. Pray and ask for God's peace. Do it afraid as Joyce Meyer would say.

Mar 02 - instead of succumbing to the emotions and the hurts, pray asking for healing.

Mar 10 - just because things didn't work out according to your plans or on your timetable, doesn't mean everything is lost or it is too late. God can and will restore everything according to his plans. No need to blame self or others. He got it. Just forgive. Just believe.

Mar 18 - being with someone who is angry, makes one angry. Being with a fearful person makes one afraid. Learn to clean oneself in God's presence. It is quite easy. Just a simple prayer.

Mar 20 - when God chooses, it doesn't matter who approves or disapproves. He made his choice and he knows who we really are. No need to worry about consequences or feelings of inadequacies.

Mar 26 - always be grateful to God for everything especially Jesus' redemption and resurrection.

Apr 09 - God deals with me according to my personality. He knows I like being independent. He also knows that I like to know the why, how, when, and everything else. So he allows me to do things the hard way. He gives me the freedom, knowledge to search things for myself. That way, I can help others needing my expertise. This will make it easier for them. And I usually stand in awe of it all.

Apr 10 - there will be times when God is silent. Those can be unnerving. Learn to wait for him and his voice. He does speak when asked to.

Apr 16 - I heard this a while ago and it makes sense. We open our spirit to God when we think of him, imagine him, envision him. Some of my best healings were done when I focused on him.

Apr 17 – 1) because Jesus Christ gave us his all, he allows us to pursue him. When we are ready to give him our all, he will be found by us. 2) We have to arrive at a point as born again Christians that no matter what happens, to God be all the glory. Whether he heals or not, whether he resurrects or not, whether he fills a need or not, he deserves all of the glory. He doesn't make mistakes. He knows what he is doing. He is good, all of the time. He loves us unconditionally.