Tuesday, November 24, 2015

On Thanksgiving

Bible reference: Genesis chapters 37 and 39 through 50.

It is a matter of perspective. Which will you choose?

Poor Joseph. He was betrayed by his brothers and sold to be a slave. He became a slave to Potiphar. Latter’s wife eyed Joseph and pursued him. When she didn’t get what she wanted, she accused him of wrongdoing. It wasn’t bad enough being a slave, but to be an imprisoned slave! And for what? For doing right?! Years pass by and it felt like Joseph was forgotten by God. Whatever happened to his dreams? Did God give him those dreams? Or … these were substances of his imagination? Two of the king’s officials get imprisoned with him. They dream very worrisome dreams since they do not understand them. Joseph interpreted the dreams and they waited for them to take place. And they did, three days later. One was restored to his position and Joseph thought, “Great! This is my opportunity.” Joseph requested from the official to talk to the king on his behalf.  The other forgot. Poor Joseph. Another person forgot about him. He filled his days with work as an addiction to forget his pain. And he was faithful, even in prison. Two years passed and the king dreamt a disturbing dream. God closed up all of his magicians’ minds to the meaning. Was all of this pure luck?

Or …

Joseph kept a close eye on his father Jacob’s business and reported everything to him faithfully; even if he had to offend his brothers. His father favored him and his brothers were jealous. There was no promotion in that business. However, God chose to promote him. He allowed his brothers to betray him and sold him as a slave. He was sold to Potiphar. He kept close watch on Potiphar’s business until Potiphar trusted him wholeheartedly. Since there was no other promotion in Potiphar’s house, God had to move him elsewhere to promote him. He allowed that he be imprisoned.  He earned the trust of the prison keeper and he was trusted with everything there. It was just a matter of time before another promotion would take place. It was a waiting period. And he was faithful; even in prison. God was glorified.

Perhaps, dear Reader, you would interpret the story a different way. But the ending reveals the purpose. No, sometimes we will not see the end during the fire. So we have to trust; to have faith in God who walked with us in the past. Jesus Christ showed Himself faithful to me in the past. I have no reason to doubt him now for He never changes. “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.” ~ Hebrews 13:8. He is so good. He is so sweet. He is so compassionate. He is so patient. He is love. He is the beginning and the end. He is the alpha and the omega. He is life. He is light. He is the door. He is just. He is wonderful. He is The Counselor. He is Great. He is Great at everything He does. For He is. And He is the reason I am thankful.  

Happy Thanksgiving!