Friday, February 24, 2012

Praise - Take 1 Jericho

I’ve been bombarded by lots of sermons about praise and worship the past few weeks. Figured God wanted to tell me something. So, I will be taking this opportunity to collect Bible stories where praise was a big factor. Disclaimer: I am not a Bible scholar nor did I attend a Bible college. The views here are just my opinion and belief. Enjoy.

In the olden days, the Israelites crossed the River Jordan and needed to conquer Jericho. Prior to crossing, Joshua sent two spies to spy out Jericho. God protected the spies on their journey and provided an ally in Rahab the prostitute. In return, she and all who were hers would be spared from death. Joshua was given specific instructions to carry out against Jericho. For the first six days, they were to march around the city once. They were to march around it seven times on the seventh day. The armed guard led the way followed by the seven priests blowing their seven trumpets. The ark of the Lord’s covenant was next followed by the rear guard. On the seventh day during the seventh time around the city while the priests sound a long blast, everyone shouted. The wall collapsed. 
     For reference, see Joshua 2:01-6:27.

If your walls can talk, what would they say? Would they share how disappointed you’ve become? Would they describe your shattered heart or dreams? Would they detail how many times your heart was broken to pieces? Would they numerate your fears and idiosyncrasies? Would they recount your tears? Would they count your moans? Would your laughter, singing, and dancing outnumber your sad times? If your walls can talk, what would they say?

Had enough tears? The fact is everyone has disappointments, heart breaks, fears, tears, and mourning. It is very easy to feel depressed all of the time. Just look around you. There is hopelessness, illnesses, injustice, and deaths everywhere. It does not get any better looking in the mirror. So what is the solution? Change the focus. A photographer has the option of focusing in or out of subjects in the same photograph. We are to fix our eyes on Jesus. We are to focus on Jesus. Praise God. Praise Jesus Christ. Shout to Him praises. A favorite praise Psalm is 145. It is very powerful when read out loud. When praises ascend, then walls collapse. 

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