Monday, July 23, 2012

Does it take a cat?

Moderator: Welcome. We have our usual guests here. Beth, you have an interesting story to share with us. Please, take as long as necessary.

Beth: Thank you, Moderator. I have a story that I want to divide into sections. 

                Day 1: We decided to take a walk on a beautiful sunny day. I spotted a kitten that appeared lost at the community complex. I managed to pick her up. She had a pink collar on without identifying tags. I reasoned the manager would know who this cat belonged to. She did not. She offered to take her to an animal hospital nearby which would put the little kitty up for adoption. I wanted to see if I can locate the owner first. I asked the neighbors closest to the location where the cat was found. The neighbor knew about the cat and how her owner moved and left her behind. I went back to the manager to see about taking her to the hospital. She found a box for me. All along, the kitty was not happy. She would fidget, meow, bite, and scratch me. I would not let her go. I soothed her with soft words, rubbing her head, and patting her. That lasted for a short while. But she would panic again. I still would not let her go. I wished to see her to safety. I was determined and nothing she did to me would deter me. She was delivered safely to the hospital. The attendant was excited to see the cat was a teenager.

                Day 2: Father started revealing many things to me. He showed the extent of emotions this little kitty was experiencing; how I share the same emotions. I get frightened being carried by the Father. I am far off of the ground. I lose control. I have no knowledge of what He is doing. I do not see the next step. It seems I am in prison. I do not have the freedom to come and go as I please. I cannot see ahead of me because I am concentrating on the problem I am in. It is hard to look ahead when looking below. It is hard seeing the big picture when I focus on the puzzle piece. It is hard seeing the ocean when I am struggling to stay afloat in shallow waters. When I get this frightened, I fight. This fighting is hurting Him because it tells Him I do not trust Him. It only reveals my lack of thankfulness and acceptance of where I am. All the fidgeting also hurts me because it just makes me angrier and more self focused. It also hurts those around me for they can sense negativity in me. In turn, negativity is contagious. It also wastes time. If the Father had to focus on calming me down, time is taken away from Him doing what He plans to do. He does take the time to soothe me with words and touch. He may send someone to encourage me. He cares to keep my relationship with Him close. As long as I choose to, His will be done.

                Day 3: Father started revealing His perspective in the situation. Father, would you kindly take over?

Father: With pleasure, Beth. Thank you.

I have a specific plan for each of my children. The only hindrance to that plan is the person in question. I will attempt to convince you to obey me. But I cannot force you for I want you to choose to live in my will. If you do choose my will, you will encounter many dark days for you will not see everything I do. Your enemy will try to convince you that I left you, forgotten you, and do not love you. Just remember your enemy is a liar and the father of all lies. All he wants to do is separate you from me to harm you. I promised you that I would never leave you. You, on the other hand, can leave me.  It may seem I have forgotten you, but I have not. I am waiting for the perfect time to do my perfect will. Just hang in there and you will see my work in you. I love you and nothing you do will cause me to love you less even walking away from me. Walking away from me will only hurt you and those around you. The opposite is true also. Nothing you do will make me love you more. My love is beyond your understanding. It exceeds the ocean depth, width, and length combined. I sent my own Son to die so you wouldn’t have to. He paid the price of your redemption so I can have you dwell with me for all eternity by your choosing to accept Jesus’ work in you.  Once you accept Jesus’ work in you, you no longer belong to you. You belong to me. I want my will to be done in your life. Nothing you do will make me change my mind in regards to my will for your life. I have dreams for your life that super exceed any dreams you may have for yourself. I am determined to accomplish my will. You may fidget and attempt to flee. But since you belong to me, I will protect you until you come home. Your fidgeting will only waste time. But I am able to restore all things. Do you believe me? Do you trust me?

Thank you, Moderator, for another opportunity to reveal my heart.

Moderator: Thank you, Father. And thank you, Beth, for another wonderful experience with our Father. 

Our Father constantly speaks. Do you take the time to listen? It took Beth a cat lesson to listen.  Until next time, stay blessed! 

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