Monday, April 30, 2012

Lover of my soul VII


Jesus and the Samaritan woman; John 4:1-42. 

In verse 4, Jesus had to travel through Samaria. He had to meet with a certain Samaritan woman for she had the need of Jesus. God would move heaven and earth to reach a child in need.

·         In verse 7, she came out to draw water when no one else would just to avoid people. Jesus was waiting for her. He sent His disciples into town to buy food that He would not eat later on in the chapter. Jesus set up a beautiful appointment with this woman in need. He would do the same for you. He would remove all obstacles whether within or without to have one on one with you if you are willing.

·         In verses 7 through 20, Jesus proceeded to ask her for water as a means to draw her out. He speaks to her on a spiritual level. She responds on the physical level. He wanted to draw her out further by asking her to bring her husband. When she told the truth, He confirmed it and disclosed more truths about her life. This won her trust. Jesus is willing and able to do anything to win your trust.

·         In verses 21 through 26, the conversation was on the spiritual level for both parties. When she was ready, Jesus revealed His true self. Spiritual life with Jesus is a journey. Sometimes we become impatient and get ahead of ourselves and God if that were possible. But we need to slow down for there are many lessons to be learned. Jesus wants us to be ready when we reach the destination rather than have us arrive unprepared. Enjoy Jesus.

·         In verses 27-38, several things happen.
1.       The Samaritan woman leaves her water jar, goes back to town, and tells anyone who would listen that she found the Christ. They come out to see Jesus. Isn’t this the same woman who avoided people at all costs? The divine appointment healed her from the inside out. Jesus’ wish is to heal you from the inside out. He paid the price of your healing on the cross at Calvary.This healing entails the spirit, soul, and physical body.
2.       The disciples returned with food for Jesus. He was no longer hungry. Jesus’ hunger was satisfied while conversing with one of His children. Your relationship with Jesus Christ has dual benefits. You become satisfied with Him. He becomes satisfied with you.

·         In verses 39-42, the woman evangelist won over many to Jesus by her testimony. After listening to Him directly, they were sure He is the Christ. If God is willing to use someone like the Samaritan woman to glorify Himself, don’t you think He can use you? Also, your testimony and experience with Jesus Christ is a powerful weapon. Don't be afraid to share it.       

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