Tuesday, August 2, 2016


I was privileged to hold a cute baby of four months on a Sunday at church. Her name is Glory. She is as unique as her name. She was sleeping at the time. Every time the preacher raised his voice, she jolted in her sleep. She did that a couple of times. Her mother was sitting next to me and noticed the jolts as well. I sensed that if I brought her closer to me, she may stop. And she did. It took me some time to figure out why she stopped reacting to the higher pitch. She felt my skin and heartbeat. She felt safe. There is no need to feel fear when one is safe.

Reminds me of when children run to their parents on a stormy night. They need to feel safe. They want to feel safe. Life can be a very scary place and adults lost their sense of security. Where does one go when they are too old to climb into their parent's lap? When they have little ones who need them for security?

I am reminded of a post I did several years ago about the kitten who taught me a lot. She clutched my shirt as I was carrying her. Yes, cats experience fear.

Or have you seen those videos online where the dog resists taking a bath or going to the vet? Dogs experience fear as well.

Why is it little children talk to strangers more easily than adults? Parents have to constantly remind them to not speak to strangers. What is it about little children that Jesus Christ said that unless we become like little children, we cannot enter heaven? They trust easily. They believe easily. They love easily. They are new at everything. They experience everything with enthusiasm. They are color blind. They are religion blind. They are carefree. They experience the now only. They do not think about yesterday. They do not worry about tomorrow. They have no regrets. They are not jaded or bitter. Everyday is an adventure. They live each day with zest. They are innocent.

Where have we gone wrong? Let us settle our accounts before it is too late. Let us settle in the arms of our Heavenly Father just as Glory settled in my arms. How? Talk with him. He will take it from there.

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