Friday, March 16, 2012

My Love

The very first time I laid eyes on you,
My heart skipped a beat.
Beholding your beauty:
Your fair soft skin,
Long dark lashes,
Soft black hair,
Beauty beyond words …
All I wanted to do was to take you in my arms,
Hold you tightly close, and never let go.
And oh, when you opened your eyes,
My heart fluttered within.
Eyes so deep I can see the oceans in them …
They spoke volumes without uttering a sound.
And when you smiled at me,
My heart leapt with joy …
Joy so indescribable …
It overwhelmed my whole being …
All I wanted to do was touch your face.
And when you called my name,
My knees would not support me.
Yours was a thundering yet melodious voice.
It confided that I am unconditionally loved,
It accepted me; flaws and all.
It restored me and made me whole again.
When you offered a guiding hand,
I could not contain my emotions …
It was the most beautiful of hands …
It had the scars of the cross …
A hand bigger than mine …
A hand stronger than any beheld …
Yet the gentlest hand ever existed.
When I took your hand, you took me into your arms.
You enfolded me in you, and never let me go.
That is when I forgot who I am and where I came from.
I only knew that I am finally home in my love’s arms.

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