Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Praise - Take 3 Midian

We all know Gideon’s story in Judges Chapters 6 and 7. He was the unlikely hero. He was the least in his family which was in the weakest clan of Manasseh. He was cowardly and fearful. He needed several signs from God to confirm and affirm his assignment and purpose.  He was creative and persistent. God was patient with him for he knew Gideon was a warrior. God was with him and strengthened him to do God’s will. Once Gideon obeyed and praised, the enemies were destroyed.

Do you feel small? Are you the least in your community? Are you fearful or insecure? Do you feel weak? Then you are an excellent candidate for God’s service. You see, it really is not about you. It is about Jesus. He wants flexible and obedient vessels to flow through to do His will.

“Not by might nor by power but by my Spirit,” says the Lord Almighty ~ Zechariah 4:6

If I could, I would hold your face between my palms; look you straight in the eyes and say:
    You are unconditionally loved. Jesus Christ loves you. He does not desire for anyone to be destroyed.      
    But we destroy ourselves with our decisions and rebellion. It does not matter what you’ve done in the         
    past. It matters what you do now for your future. The door is still open. There is yet an opportunity.
    Will you seize it? You may never get another chance.


  1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Suzy. Great post :)